session #009 – Avneesh

A naughty yet steady mid-tempo stomper, with chunky basslines that will hook you for the full hour. The beauty of the different styles (the not so dance-music proper of “Fourtet’s Plastic People “) and eras ( “Jingo”brought us back to 1979!) comes together and provide some respite from the usual 4/4 form of a house/techno mix.

F.U.S.E – Logikal Nonsense
Four Tet – Plastic People
Kisk – Jazzy Circue
Sabb – Cadence
Gregor Tresher – The Life Wire (Martinez Remix)
Farshad – Weird Concept
Luca M – Ale Dance
Cardo & Eila – Yep Yop Yap
Ramon Tapia – Say What
Strict Border – Mute
Candido – Jingo
Farshad – Identity (Luca M Remix)
Noizzer – Splinter
UES – Twentyfour (Ilario Alicante Remix)