Dominating this mix are lush percussion, horns, seductive sax, nagging vocals and  keyboard hooks that allow all those quiet contemplation over cocktails while slowly taking aim at your hips and feet.  Happy days are here again. Don’t sleep on it.



martin buttrich – tripping in the 16th
darko esser – balans
franck roger – victoria dreams ( main pass)
lauhaus – latenights
the normalizes – the sun rising ( shur-i-khan vocal)
gregor salto and florian t – horizonte ( GS straight mix)
igor dorohov – it’s a jazzy thing
marcin czubala – zoo comunalte
doomwork – ussircu ( original mix)
justin martin – the sad piano (original extended mix)
sergio fernandez – skipper
kaiserdisco – jaaana (original mix)
doctor flake – silence