session #051 – Secret Cinema (NL)


01. Hakimonu – Wavesonnobagsthough (Original Mix)
02. Peter Horrevorts – HRVRTS012
03. Klaap – Thorivos (Original Mix)
04. Kephee – Push (Original Mix)
05. Ramon Tapia – Runtime
06. Snello – Evergreen (Kalden Bess Remix)
07. Oliver Huntemann – Melbourne
08. Steve Slight – The Monks Are Speaking
09. EGBERT – Straktrekken_2 2
10. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Japanese Snowbell (Jamie Stevens Remix)
11. D-Nox & Beckers – Watch me now
12. Psycatron vs Secret Cinema – Loopwaffle


More Secret Cinema:

Secret Cinema is back for the second time on the electrocaine’s podcast. Take a listen to one of techno’s best kept secrets. We also invite you personally to come check him out at the control of Zouk’s Velvet Underground – Dance on 17 August 2012 featuring our very own VJ, Avneesh, who will be piloting the visual experience for the night.
Drop us a mail if you need more info about the night: [email protected]

Where, when and how was this mix recorded?

At my studio in Rotterdam the Netherlands, the biggest Techno loving, but cheese exporting country (check the DJ mag top 100 for that). For mixing I used Deckadence, a sort of Traktor which reads VST plugins, because I am just too lazy to burn CDs.

What music have you been working on lately?

Lately I have been working on new tracks for Gem Records, my label. I just had a release I made with Peter Horrevorts on Cocoon Recordings (Sven Vath’s label). Ana Bola it’s called, and that is still going strong. Somehow there have been a lot of collaborations with other artists, I guess I was feeling lonely in the studio.

Favourite piece of gear?

My Maschine, it brings back the old MPC3000 feeling, but then on my laptop sequencer…I also use it when I DJ and these snare rolls will make anyone reach for the rooftop!

You will be playing at Zouk on 17 Aug, tell us about it!

Ever since I saw that LED ceiling, I wanted to play there. Thanks to Avneesh for sending me some cool videos from that. I am used to playing huge crowds, but somehow I always like playing smaller venues. It usually has better sound, you can connect to the crowd more and I can play more clubby tracks, which I also like a lot. It’s easier to tell a story with your music, something I am always trying to do. Hopefully people will like the Dutch club-techno sound. The Zouk stage will have Fedde le Grand, who used to play my Secret Cinema – Rebounce track in every set. I guess times have changed, but double Dutch it is that night!

Are you looking forward to eating fried rice (we heard it’s your favourite)?

Haha! I know who told you that! But yes, I love fried rice! When I cook at home, no Asian dish will be without it. The older the pan, the better the taste, I want 1000 year old spices!! Or is that nasty??

If you could play a character in a movie, what movie would it be?

Definitely a science fiction movie, where I would discover a new type of energy which would make money useless and turn every discotheque into a techno loving crowd!

Send us an internet link?

Here it is:
See how big we are?? Get real people and start loving more!!!