session #052 – Anonym


More Anonym:

A booty, jackin mix with moments of reprieve from the one and only anonymous Anonym. Hailing from the legendary Motor City aka Detroit, the true essence of his home town can be heard and felt in his music. No tracklist, but the trainspotters in the house can start the ball rolling.

Where and when was this mix recorded and how would you describe it?

Few months back I recorded this one in the studio. I would describe the mix as one hour of ass shaking funk, dirty Detroit techno, and some house spices from all over the globe…

Why so mysterious?

Who, me? Who I am doesn’t matter in regards to the music. Far too many of us have forgotten that and the music suffers for it. This end of the 90s look at me super star DJ/Producer bull shit that started when everyones ego and success went to their heads and they lost the spark they had. It’s because when you let the public or your fan base stare at you and focus so much love/envy/hate on you it warps you as an artist. It takes a certain kind of person to handle that role well, and whether or not I am that kind of person to handle it I do not know, but I prefer to keep it this way for now… It is also super fun to be anonymous! I am probably one of the only people who can rock a party come off my set, change clothes backstage, take of my mask, and go out on the floor to dance the rest of the night and no one knows it was me who played the show and I can dance uninterrupted. Just an anonymous guy in the club.

What is your music philosophy other than the above?

Music for me has to have passion. It has to have soul and emotional content. I have to feel the music. Which means it has to come from somewhere special. Mind, body, and soul. When you play or when people are dancing you have to lose yourself in the music and the mix. The mix has to be dynamic. It has to be diverse and interesting. With all the components of the music I mentioned before. In the mix not playing house and techno together with a few of their odd cousins like hip house and ghetto tech. Is like having a party and not inviting over the whole family.. It’s just not done.

A record you would save from a fire?

That is a tough one but I keep a record case with all my releases on vinyl, test pressings if I can get it, and at least two copies of each EP, Remix of my song, or Remix I have done of other artists songs. So I would have to snatch that, but then it would be my Kraftwerk collection those two stacks of vinyl would be hardest to replace and are the most prized of my record collection but it would kill me to see the rest burn!!!

Most surprising place you heard your music being played?

Have not heard my music that often played but I guess the most surprised I was when I heard it playing on Pete Tong’s show and he was announcing my name Anonym and not sure how to say it. Don’t normally hear my music played on radio so it always surprises me.

Any LP in the works?

Always, had one almost finished a couple years ago. These days the labels are afraid and not sure how to market albums, and if they do, they want to have too much involvement in picking the songs and helping make the album. Which kills it. For me an album is a special thing and has to be of one vision so unless it is a group or collaboration then I think there should not be any unwanted outside influence put on the artist when creating such a work of art. I do have a new album almost finished again this time more techno then house as I have been leaning that way more these days in the studio. I have spoken to a few labels who might be interested. We will have to see if when I am finished if I can get it released as an album or if everyone will want to carve it up like butchers carve meat.. Wish me luck.