session #067 – Kontext

01. Kontext – Sneaking Sculpture [Absys Limited]
02. Eva808 – Childhood [Indigo Movement]
03. LAS – Temper [Innamind]
04. Juss B – Boatland [FatKidOnFire]
05. Love The Cook – Tranquillo [Lutetia Dubz]
06. Mentha, Ziaflow – Blue Deep (RDG Remix) [Tuba]
07. Bukez Finezt – You Don’t Belong Here [Subway]
08. Piezo – Discipline [Subaltern]
09. RDG – Mindloop [Biscuit Factory]
10. AxH – Nano [Tempa]
11. Scalade – Kingpin (Konvex Remix) [Phantom Hertz]
12. Baitface – Orbital [Badimup]
13. Skeptical – Echo Dub [Tempa]
14. Compa, Ipman – Let Them [Boka]
15. Kontext – Garlic Bubblegum [Absys Limited]
16. Cliques – Chro (Wen Remix) [Aquatic Lab]
17. Dusk, Blackdown – Drenched (Facta Remix) [Keysound]
18. Dusk, Blackdown – Epic Jam [Keysound]
19. Kode9, Spaceape – Autumn Has Come [Hyperdub]


More Kontext:

We are thrilled to kick off 2015 in deep textural dub flavours with our guest architect who is no less than St. Petersburg-based producer Kontext. Clocking in at just over an hour, Stas’ mix is harmoniously assembled to serve the 140 bpm salad. Following countless releases on major stables like Bristol’s Immerse, and his most recent full-length effort on Dublin’s experimental Absys records, Stanislav Sevostyanikhin is also busy serving the D&B artillery under his ‘Dissident’ moniker.

On the freebie, Stas digs deep in the vault, unearthing an exclusive live recording, featuring virtuoso jazzman Igor Shilov on the trumpet.

Tell us more about this mix

I mixed it in my home studio using Sony Acid Pro. It’s overlooking the most interesting releases (in my opinion) from 2014 in the so called ‘Deep Dubstep’ and unusual Bass Music styles. I made a few Techno and Drum’n’Bass podcasts last year, so here comes 140BPM.

Tell us more about yourself, where do you come from, what are your influences, how did you start making music?

My name is Stanislav. I’m a producer and DJ from St.Petersburg, Russia. Dissident and Kontext are my production names. The first alias is for underground Drum’n’Bass and 170BPM electronics, whereas the second one Kontext, is dedicated to the wider spectrum of electronic music beyond Jungle.
Sometimes I work for movies and with hip-hop bands as a beat-text-maker. I started in 1998 and I have a huge discography. So if you are interested to know more try to google it ;)
Also, I own a small label called Opposide Records. Its purpose is to provide the outlet for Drum&Bass music in its most expressive and experimental forms.

What tune defined 2014 for you?

Percussions – Sext

If you had to give us a tour of Saint-Petersburg’s upcoming producers/DJs, where would you start?

If we talk about newcomers, first of all let’s highlight Torn – a rising star in the post-dnb 170BPM electronics. His sound is always punchy and minimalistic, nothing extra, just the essence. Another one is the new project of Oak (Microfunk Crew) and his mate Tony Tek. They produce a very subtle techno, the one you can listen and dance to.

Favourite piece of equipement?

It’s still my first synthesizer ‘Polyvoks’. The model was manufactured in early 80s in USSR . This dusty analog monster is still with me. As it’s very old – the sound is always kinda morphing and surprising. That is what’s missing to me in modern software and hardware tools.

You have just released your album, tell us more about it.

‘Dispersal’ is my 3rd full-length album under the Kontext alias. For me it sounds like a mixture of first two works. With all that bleak cinematic soundscapes combining with glitchy elements and funky beats. I’m very happy with this dub salad. Big up to Absys Records!

What are the plans for 2015?

It’s gonna be a year of Dissident for me. I signed a lot of tunes last year, looking forward to all these releases in 2015. I’m planning to work hard in the studio and travel for some cool gigs around the globe.

Tell us more about the free give away track.

There was a period when I played a lot of live sessions with different jazz musicians in studio, like in 2008-2009 when I worked with Bristol’s Immerse Records.
While looking for something for the give away track, I unexpectedly found one of these sessions; I’m glad to introduce Igor Shilov on trumpet, one of the most acclaimed jazzman in Russia. To finish the whole tune I changed arrangement and mixdown a bit.