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Our following podcast comes to us by the methods of GROUND a.k.a GrOun土, delivering a sleek one and a half hour of music coming of his own creative repertoire of productions.

Based in Osaka, Japan, Ground is an artist that started his way by mixing records since his teenage days and got into production later on. He credits his eclectic, slow-house music to fellow artists who wholly inspired him; leading to massive amount of releases including on labels such as Bokeh Versions and Multi-Culti, to name a few.

Tune in to this session, made up of the artist’s dear held tunes, curated at the other end of the globe for your aural orb.

Where and How was this mix recorded?

This mix was recorded at Osaka’s club STOMP.

How would you relate it to us?

All about a special set made up of my productions and music I love.
Your set evokes so much energies, undoubtedly due to the multi-cultural aspect on the selection. Could you share with us the approach of Japan’s music scene and of the people out there, to your work?

Of course! I collaborated with Osaka’s & other city’s artists as well; including KABAMIX, SINKICHI, MAYUKo, ARIHIRUA, O.R., YO.AN, COGEE and MORI RA ! I definitely got a lot of inspiration from them as they are brilliant magical musicians.

You seem to have much scheduled for your tour, how do you manage your time off?

Well in the meanwhile of holidays, I return to my hometown in Osaka and mostly make nu tunes in studio. The studio which is actually for Kabamix, and visiting there enables the experience of repeatedly experimenting on music with him.

What’s the latest music you’ve been recently into?

Lately I’ve just been digging Japanese folk & traditional music.

When first hearing about ‘Ground’, we’ve interpreted your music it as a connection to the earth, is that what it is to your monicker or is there more to it?

That’s moreover it!, because the source of my inspiration comes from this earth & my Japanese name shares the same meaning.

Where’s the best place you would recommend us to eat and listen to some good music in Osaka?

My favorite place is NOON, it has a long history in Osaka as well and it also featured artists such as Thomas Von Party & Dreems.