session #083 – Alma Negra






From Basel (SUI), with varied and cross cultural backgrounds from around the world; the four djs and producers, walking in-arms and releasing through labels such as Sofrito, Basic Fingers, Dimension recordings and also featured on Boiler Room debuts, the collective Alma Negra drops on our anniversary podcast with a unique curation influenced from many; including our island’s touch.

We’ve had an insight on their latest releases and the surroundings of the collective; dive in.

Where, when and how was this mix recorded?

The mix was recorded in the Studio in Basel with Ableton Live.

How would you describe it to us?

We started this mix with some Afrohouse and later we went through more funk oriented tunes, and in the end some currently favorite tunes from Caribbean Islands to Kenya to the Island of Mauritius.

Can you tell us more about who is Alma Negra?

We are a collective of four people that dj and produces together. We recently started a band with some friends too. Like this we get never bored.

What does your monicker mean and where did it come from?

You hear singers in old latin productions talking of Alma Negra a lot. They refer to the black soul where the rhythms came from. It’s in homage to Africa and to the very origin/roots of rhythms.

What inspired you to make music together, like, what was the kickstart?

We somehow came together when Dario and Mario started to throw a party series in a small bar. The two Cape-Verdean brothers were working also in this Bar and so we got to know each other and started to dj together.

Congrats on last year’s releases on Basic Fingers & Sofrito Super Singles. Releasing such numerous, deep-rooted, tunes on such a short period is huge. Could you briefly describe how does the production process go for you guys?

Thank you! Our production process was always sample oriented but we often added some recorded percussions to it. An idea could start somewhere with the laptop alone and later be finished in the studio alltogether.

Tabanka EP is simply a massive listen from the first track to the last…seems there’s an arsenal of components in each of em. Talking about components, we’ve gotta ask from where does those unique vocals come from?

The vocals of Tabanka are from the island of Santiago of Cape Verde. The ones from Mageko are from Lobi.

Tell us more about how a group of friends from Switzerland produce such vibrant and energetic Afro-leaned music?

Well we have roots from Africa, South America and Europe. Africa is such a huge continent and there is so much music to discover; lately we discovered more interesting music in Caribbean islands or islands in general, also such as the music from Mauritius or La Réunion.

What does 2017 hold for you folks?

We are going to start our own label next year; cause we have some serious tunes, not only from us, in the pipeline – stuff we want to release which we also don’t find the right platform for it. We will be performing more live gigs and also be DJing in clubs and festivals around the world.

What are your views on Basel’s music scene?

Basel’s music scene is getting more and more interesting, even if its the German part of Switzerland where the crowd didn’t grow up with Rhythm Music, and like, are more into Rock and Techno mostly. But there is a lot going on; Our friends for example, that play with us in the band, are from La Main Crew which has some promising house productions.

Could you name 5 records that helped shape your musicality?