session #081 – José Manuel




Founder of Black Pepper and Frisky Disco records, berlin-based dj and producer José Manuel turns up with a thrilling set of free-spirited electronic music, for more than an hour of both a high-toned and low-thrummed listening experience.

Over the years, José Manuel has been putting out to the world countless music productions that’ll range from a heat’s percussive atmosphere to those which can accompany you on a spiritual walk. Hear sounds from afar, on our fresh podcast and dive into what the wizard brought upon.

When, Where and How was this mix recorded?

I recorded the whole set at the Wilden Renate club in Berlin.

How would you relate it to us?

… a trip …

Your set is made up of music which evokes worldly cultures, how did you venture in such spheres of sounds?

The House/Nu-disco and Balearic genres with world music are all contaminations found in both my releases and dj sets.

You have released a really great deal of music out there! of all your productions, which one was the swiftest to make and which equipment or music gear did you use?

All releases were actually carefully produced, I am a very meticulous person. Instrumentations depends on the specific track being made, for example in my album ‘Excursion Africanism’, live percussions like djembe were used which played by Babacar Dieng

How’s the music scene around you?

I would say excellent, even though it remains a corner genre. Labels such as Disco Halal, Multi culti, Malka tuti and Music for Dreams are my favorite ones among others… because they conduct and carry out this musical discourse.

Is there any more music you’re brewing in the meanwhile that we should look up to?

I have a release that is up and going to come out. Altogether, I have other works and projects to bring to completion.