session #080 – Fatoosan


Madison McFerrin – No Time To Lose
AUTUMN (Belgium) – Coeur à l’Ouvrage
Jazz Spastiks – Parley to Parlet Feat. Ladybug Mecca
Gifted Gab – No Days Off
TITLE (Belgium) – Hotel
Cuthead – We All Fly
Illa J – R U Listenin’
DEHEB – From the Ground on Up (feat. Chief)
Antipop Consortium – Reflections
Quasimoto – Greenery
J-Zone – Stick Up
New Venusians – Keep Running
The Electric Peanut Butter Company – Big Tweed
Liz Aku  (Belgium) – Slowly
Noza & Sika (Belgium) – Kati
Lewis McCallum  – Fly Or Die
Karavan – West
Delinquent Habits – Lower Eastside
The Pharcyde – Soul Flower remix (dogs B*ll*cks)
Main Source – Lookin At The Front Door
MC Solaar – Qui Sème Le Vent Récolte Le Tempo
Arrested Development – Africa’s Inside Me
Blitz The Ambassador – Shine
Tony Allen – Afrobeat Jam
Janet Jackson – Alright (Kaytranada Flip)
Dego & Kaidi – Black Is Key
ATCQ – Award Tour (Altered Tapes Rework)
Ntjamrosie – Ici La
Anchorsong – Last Feast
Busdriver – Robot Kimbap
J Dilla/Brabe – Dreamy (Brabe cover/Simba Re-Edit)
KenLo – Woogie On
Cheick Hamala Diabate – Fatou Kounkoun Sissoko (Sol Power All Stars Mix)
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band – Gyae Su
Gatanga Boys Band – Wendo Ti Mbia

Deeming the tone on our 10years anniversary podcast series – Brussels-based artist, Fatoosan, conveys her knowledge and connection to hip hop through an hour-long mix; effortlessly merging rare genres along the lines.

Hailing member of Belgium’s trendsetting Supafly Collective, you’re advised to an unconform selection, influenced by a musically enriched lifetime experience and lots of record-spinning throughout various lands; including ours.

For our usual ice breaking question; When, Where and How was this mix recorded?

I made it in my man’s studio at home, during my pauses when I was working on my students’ exams. I mixed it with Serato and turntables. I selected tracks from diverse genres and incorporated some Belgian artists because I think they are really talented but not easily noticed outside our little country.

How would you relate it to us?

I met Avneesh last summer while in Mauritius, am very grateful he invited me to make this mix. I completely fell in love with your magnificent island and really loved spinning there. Sunny Mauritius and its lovely people were in my mind throughout the whole recording!

Can you share with us the earliest memory you have about Hip Hop and the record that maybe acted as the turning point for you?

The earliest I remember is discovering this genre through the radio, I was very lucky as my father thought it was important for me to have my own little hi-fi system since quite young; and it was always on. The turning point was definitely Ill Communication by Beastie Boys when I was 15. I was so touched by all the instrumentals and beats structure, I think from there started my sensitivity to rich musicality in rap.

Last year, us and many islanders have had the chance to witness your wholly colourful way of mixing; how would you describe your process of tune selection and your mindspace behind the decks?

When I have to select tracks for a mix or a party, most of them are the ones that make my heart bump or my mind dream. Since I first started to record radio tunes on tapes during my childhood until my deejay activity, the same modus operandi always guides me: whether it’s a dark, a crazy or a beautiful vibe, when I listen to a track I love, it’s like everything is possible in my life while listening to it! I’m so grateful to the artists who make that possible, it’s like magic and I want to share that. When I spin at parties, I want to give the audience the same feeling I felt when hearing those tracks for the first time.

Your are from the unwavering Supafly Collective! Really love your work on the weekly radio show on Bruzz (ex FM Brussels) and in breaking norms on the excess of ‘masculinity’ in the Hip Hop world. How did the collective come together?

8 years ago we met through singer JoBee who noticed we all had a common love for rap music and hip hop culture. We started the collective with the 7 of us (Mikigold – DJ, Young Mocro – DJ, Vaneeshua – DJ, Lizairo – photographer, Jee Nice – Magazine Editor living in Germany, JoBee and myself), the passion got us working together and then the friendship came. We really achieved many things thanks to our group’s energy, we would have never done this individually! I was a backing vocalist during almost 8 years in different bands before the start of Supafly, but I had never experienced something like this, I feel very blessed. Within the collective, our 4 members DJ team is today the only all-female in Belgium!

Any words for emerging artists in Mauritius?

I don’t know what I could say except follow your sensitivity, don’t copy others because, to me, what makes some artists special is their unique way of expressing the passion they have deep inside and their own life experience.