session #069 – Sacha Mambo

Tracklist:(provided by Sacha himself)
1. Something Cosmic
2. Acid dub
3. Something stratospheric
4. Insane Grec Music
5. Classic Afro style
6. Classic NYC dubby Disco House
7. French popular singer into weirdness story telling
8. Deep minimal could be Ricardo but it’s not
9. One of the most beautiful track ever
10. Afro style from India
11. Afro Style from Dusseldörf
12. Famous Greek Island
13. Même pas peur
14. Jesus takes some acid too
15. Tribal glitch House with french lyrics from the warriors
16. Jakbeat boss
17. Greek Italo
18. Something new on Macadam Mambo
19. Back into Something Cosmic

More Sacha Mambo:

Sacha Mambo aka MZKBX, label boss at Macadam Mambo, delivers the perfect day and night soundtrack for this southern summer solstice. Expect an ideal combination of space disco, sunshine music, topped with twisted proto rarities and some balearic heaters.

Don’t’ miss out on the mind altering Vendetta’s Dub edit, courtesy of the man himself, that will take you into beat down territory. Let the journey begin!

How, when and where was this mix recorded?

I’ve recorded this mix the 12th of june, it was at home. I’ve taken a bunch of vinyls that I wanted to listen more particularly, some new stuff I’ve just get in, and some old ones I’ve forgotten in my boxes. Find an order, put the recorder on, one take, 1h and 20 minutes later that was in the box.

How will you describe it to us?

This mix is a trip, I like travels, especially in music, from space to earth to space. I’m always switching genders, between the dark and the light, trying to keep an hypnotic but groovy rhythm. I’m use to categorize it as “Banana Music” but Afro/Cosmic is more conventional to definite this style.

Can you tell us a bit more how ‘Macadam Mambo Djs’ came about ?

“Macadam Mambo Dj’s” is Guillaume des Bois and myself (Sacha Mambo). We started Macadam Mambo as a DJ collective in late 2008 (it became a proper label in 2012). For all this years it was simpler to present us as Macadam Mambo Dj’s in parties when we are playing together, than put all our names and alias. We’ve finalised to make it official by releasing our first LP of edits “Ultima Sensazione” last february.

Best thing to happen in 2015 ?

I would definitely say the Camp Cosmic festival on the Gotland Island in Sweden during the last week-end of july. It’s a big hang out organized by Albion Venables, between artists/diggers/friends/music lovers from different places in the world, 4 days into the wild of the nature, listening the best music you can imagine in a total hippy spirit. Just hope that the weather will be with us.

Name us your 5 favorite records during your ongoing residency at ‘Le Sucre’

The Spoons “Show Me How (Blast Into Ecstacy Mix)”
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Via Afrika “Afrika the tiger”

Xx Art “This Moment”

Macadam Mambo Dj’s “Don’t Stop The Music”

Soundforce “The Fin Du Monde”

What’s next for you?

With Guillaume we are preparing an EP as Macadam mambo DJ’s for the new label of our friend Craig (from Joe’s Bakery) “Passport to Paradise”. For Macadam Mambo I’m preparing the forthcoming releases : an introducing LP of Andrea Noce, an Italian artist based in Berlin who is doing absolutely beautiful music, a new EP of Edits by famous japanese digger Mori Ra, and a mini-LP by The Pilotwings, young crazy good guys from my city Lyon. And more but for next year now… And as Mzkbx (my producer name) I’ve stuff ready but I don’t know yet how and when I’ll release it.

A quote to live by …

“L’important dans la vie, c’est de continuer de danser!”

(The important in life, is continuing to dance)

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