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10 years ago, we started electrocaïne and it’s been a helluva ride. 2016 has been kicking it so far and we continue the rah-tivities in full force with podcast #070 from none other than cosmic power, Mori Ra of Japan. Surf into a dreamy synth-pop which meets psychedelic disco and 80s music wave from his galaxy of yet undiscovered gems. Perfect for summer and to kick off our anniversary series of podcasts flowing your way. Definitely showing why he is one to watch this year.

Bonus Giveaway: Liquid Pegasus – Tendency’s (Mori Ra Purmooon remix) to add to your crate.

How was this mix recorded, when and where?

All the mixing and editing were recorded in my home studio.

For mixing, 2 Technics turntables and an UREI1620 original music mixer were used. It was then recorded via a 24ch analog console of sound craft in Protools 24/MIX system along with a Mac G4 ios9.2. My equipment are just old but all the specs are all professional.

I have recorded this mix on Saturday the 5th of December 2015.

How will you describe it to us?

With my recording engineer experience, everything from recording to mastering were done on my own. This mix consists of my favorite old and new tracks. In particular, taking note of a mix between soundscapes and the track. It’s a mix that’s made for both dancing and listening.

Tell us a bit more about your musical background, do you play any instruments?

Yes, I can play the drums. When I was young, I was playing in an experimental rock band. Like This Heat! My all time favorite bands are This Heat and Dinosaur Jr. My favorite drummers are Charles Hayward and J Mascis.

Which are the 5 Japanese records that inspired you the most?
Any favorite record shops?

Revelation Time.
Growing bin records.
Invisible City Editions.

What are you planning for 2016?

Repress of Mori Ra – Oriental Forest EP from Forest Jams Records (California)

12″EP Mori Ra – Edits EP From Passport to Paradise (UK)

12″EP Yoruba Singers – Black Pepper EP From Left Ear Records (Melbourne)
*B-side “Black Pepper” (Mori Ra edit)

+ an EP release from a London based record label which is now being mastered and will be out in autumn.

2016 Summer EU Tour:

Thu11 Aug: Terminal (Lyon)
Fri 12 Aug: Charizari (Paris)
Sat 13 – Sun 14 Aug: Electric Orpheus festival (Bulgaria)
Wed 17 Aug: Disco Dolly (Amsterdam)
Fri 19 Aug: Outlaws Yacht Club (Leeds)
Sat 20 Aug: Wet Play (Manchester)
Sun 21 Aug: Pickle Factory (London)

I’m waiting for more booking offers as I want to play in many countries!
Get in touch: [email protected]

A record you’ve been looking for a while and one that doesn’t leave your record bag?

Ponzu Island – 12 “× 2 Private Press Record. Not on Release.
He is a very talented Melbourne artist. This is a record that has only been private press one he was standing. This has not yet been released. Please check the first track of this MIX:

Grab your exclusive track by Mori Ra: