session #071 – j o a c h i m

Michel Lorin et son Ensemble – Douceur Tropicale

Bonnie Koloc – My Aunt Edna
Penny Goodwin – Slow Hot Wind
BadBadNotGood – Fall In Love
Roy Ayers – Keep On Walking
Sonny Stitt – We’ve Only just Begun
Jean Pierre Mirouze – Sexopolis
Les Mogol – Sunset In Golden Horn
J Dilla – Welcome 2 Detroit
Mono/Poly – The Fuckin’ Real (ft. Thundercat)
Mndsgn – Panduh (1 FOR BUBBA)
Jax – Drop Gems (drop dimes)
Swarvy – pleasureprinciple
Vivians – Israelean Rap (ft. Cohenbeats)
Vivians – The Powahh
DJ Screw – So U Wanna Be A Baller
SpaceGhostPurrrp – Tha Real
The Gaslamp Killer – He’s Watching You
The Gaslamp Killer – Show Stopper
The Heliocentrics – Unkown (HelioGLK)
The Gaslamp Killer – Friendship (Interlude)
E.W.WainWright Jr – Imani

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Celebrating our 10yrs crusade, a tasty bag of tunes and a story of sumptuous instrumentations is brought to you by our new member/beatmaker, j o a c h i m. Hear the france-based dj and producer while he narrates what he’s all about on this space-oriented podcast and to the massively thump giveaway track Yaralarim with Capt. Murphy on the flip.

Where, When and How was this mix recorded?

The mix was recorded few weeks ago on train between Paris and Bordeaux, south-west of France where i freshly moved to. I simply used my laptop and Ableton Live.

How would you relate it to us?

It’s a selection of tracks i’ve been listening to this summer lazying under the Italian sun or some others that i was just feeling at the moment. You’ll hear different styles of music such as French library music, Turkish Funk, Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Jazz, Psychedelic.

What were your first experiences with music in general?

I fell in love with hip hop culture pretty early. One of the first hip hop record i heard was the legendary classic “IAM – L’Ecole du Micro D’Argent” considered as one of the best french rap album ever by many people out there. Then i quickly became fascinated by turntablism, scratching and all  that stuff, and bought my first turntables at 13. Later during High School, i also met House music, especially the New York sound, and started buying and mixing records from Masters At Work or Kerri Chandler. That became my second important love story with music.

What was the first record you bought?

I think it was Michael Jackson’s Dangerous

This set is all about an hour of a broad genre of music!, any particular idea or theme in mind when you’ve been doing it?

I first wanted to give a “summer/sunny” colour to that mix, maybe we can feel it in the first minutes. But it finally came like a deep journey through my musical universe melting different atmospheres.

You’ve produced several tracks, each of em’ as good as the other. Since when you’re in beat-making?

Thank You! Production is quite “recent” to me actually, I was mainly into dj’ing before. I really decided to start creating my own beats back in 2010 especially right after I discovered Flying Lotus’s Cosmogramma LP. That record totally blew my mind, it sounded so new and different from other stuffs i was listening. I was impressed how Jazz, electronic and hip hop were matching so perfectly to give birth to those unique beats from another dimension. That whole Los Angeles beat scene is amazing i have to say. Of course I can’t forget cats like J Dilla, Madlib, Stoupe or Mr.Oizo who both gave me huge desire to play with samples too.

Which music equipment/gear do you use?

Well it’s quite basic, the beats that you heard were made with Ableton Live 9 and an AKAI MPK Mini Keyboard.

You’ve recently put ideas of spirituality in your music, is there anything that you want the world to know?

Love you each others right fuckin now! Haha. But that’s not really the main idea through my music for the moment. I just make beats for my own fun and pleasure first and sometimes I share them with the world. I’m also highly influenced by spiritual Jazz artists like Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders or Sun Ra. I really love their universe and the magical atmosphere emerging from their music.

5 records from your crate that you could play on repeat?

Except everything I mentioned before, I’d say those 5 classics:

Bonus Giveaway: j o a c h i m – Yaralarim (Capt. Murphy Flip) to add to your crate.