session #024 – OdjBox (uk)


Odjbox – Jungle Crook
Port Limbo ft. Odjbox – Anti Jazz
Aether – Anywhere
Odjbox – Sepia Sky
Ratatat – Bilar
Odjbox – Sup Peeps Kid
MumboJumbo – Old Seville
CIRCLE (remix) – Why Not
Pretty Lights – Let Em Know It’s Time To Go
Odjbox – Mover
Mr Bird – Ze Gato
CIRCLE – The Subject Is
Yuki Kanesaka a.k.a U-key – Got To Get On Now
Eventual Groove – Lazy Man
Four Leaf Sound – Asa 715
Roos Jonker – New Dress
Twist Off Caps – Big Hell (CIRCLE remix)
CIRCLE – I’ll Drive The Band
CIRCLE – Comet
After Crash ft. Port Limbo – My Darling Grandma
Bagelboy – The Streets Are Dark

We are pleased to present Producer/DJ Odjbox from Somerset, U.K, who recently collaborated with us for our first compilation  ‘Friends and family Vol.1 “. He joined the Sup Peeps Records family last year, which promises to be a very exciting  new label, with their first release coming soon this year. Some of the tracks heard in this mix, are from our first compilation, and the rest a taste of what to expect from the  Sup peeps. Enjoy this eclectic aural journey!

Click here to check out our compilation, Friends&Family,Vol.1