session #048 – Doctor FLAKE (FR)

01. Water intro
02. Cocorosie – Candyland
03. Four Tet – My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
04. Air – How Does It Make You Feel
05. Funkstorung (w/ Enik)  – Disconnected (Remix by Kadah/Vresky)
06. Ez3kiel – Phantom Land
07. DJ Krush – On the Dub-ble
08. Badmarsh & Shri – Signs
09. Unkle – Lonely Soul
10. Alias – Unseen Sight
11. Doctor Flake – Voices
12. DJ Shadow – Mongrel Meets His Maker
13. DJ Wally – Yes It’s True
14. Bomb The Bass – Bug Powder Dust (K&D remix)
15. Zenzile – Simple Lesson
16. Water outro



An introspective yet bouncy, sunrise-to-sunset mix from the one known incognito as Doctor Flake, who while having given support, holds down his own next to DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Wax Tailor et al with his poetic, prime cuts. More, please.

When and where, how was this mix recorded?

Last Saturday morning (04/14/12)  in my studio (France), during a rain fall.

It’s a depressing mix, no?

I hope this melancolic mix isn’t so depressing. It’s always a question of subjectivity. In that case, It is true that I won’t be able to make girls dancing, if this is what you mean ;)

What is your music philosophy?

All is coming from the sample! Sometimes the sample can be the lead, sometimes it is just an arrangement. Then, I create and add the beat: The result can be instrumental either a  collaboration with a singer or a musician…My philosophy is close to the hip hop philosophy I guess.

You seem like an interesting personality, what is the most interesting gig you’ve played?

I have several good memories . All gigs in front of your own audience is very cool. You give the sound and receive back the energy, but sometimes, even with a new audience, the osmose can be perfect too. Festival Garorock 2010 and all my support for DJ Krush or Wax Tailor.

Can you list a few inspirations of yours?

Hip hop culture, sampling, and some great artists such as as Ennio Morricone , DJ Shadow , DJ Krush, Death in Vegas, Beastie Boys.

Are you a morning or night person?

At home, for working, playing, digging,  I’m definitively a morning person. On tour, it depends on the timing but when you have to travel after a show, you have to wake up early! Anyway, If the show was cool , you’re so full of energy that you do not care about that.

Describe a good day
A summer day:

Wake up with the sun / Switch on the studio / Work on a new idea or rehearse / Have lunch / Walk during 2 hours in Mont Veyrier / A 30-min swim in the lake as  you can see in the picture (Annecy ) / Back to home / Listening to your morning idea / Feed the cat (moumouche and mimine ) / Drink a beer / Have a Barbecue or a plancha.

A rainy day:

Watching Dexter, Six feet Under, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Carnivale, Boardwalk Empire or good movies! In bed of course.

A winter day:

Wake up with the sun / Riding or Skiing during 4 hours  / Drink one (or 4) beers ! / Eat a raclette or or a fondue savoyarde !