session #059 – Fingalick

1. Jaw Jam – The End ( Music is the Answer )
2. 123 MRK – Invisible Colours ( Totte Remix )
3. Jade Parker – Together
4. Boy/Friend – SOTL ( Fingalick Remix )
5. Rumah – Stutter
6. Huxley – Bellywedge
7. Hanna Wants – None A Them
8. Citizen – Worship & Tribute
9. Joy Orbison – Donell
10. Sky Ferreira – Everything is Embarrassing ( Krystal Klear Remix )
11. SCNTST – Summer Jam
12. Odessa – Get Right ( Ossie Remix )
13. Klaves – Hope It Gets To Love
14. Nick Nikolov – Come Down

More Fingalick:

Introducing Fingalick, a prolific son of Lithuania with a bumpin bassy mix filled with #altrnb flava. Aligned with the likes of How to Dress Well, Zodiac and Miguel, tune into Fingalick for more finger-lickin goodies including a bonus free track giveaway for exclusively electrocaine listeners: Houdini.

When, where, how was this mix recorded?

The mix was recorded in my lovely balcony in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. Sun was setting, I had an APC40 and a bowl of coffee.

You’re just 21. How did you get started in the game?

Everything started from an event in a festival, similar to Red Bull Big Tune, that was 2010 and I debuted with a funky beats remix of the “Chicken Dance”.

What do you think makes you different?

I come from a deep academic background, played keys, sang in a choir since I was 6, so my tracks tend to be more musical, even the housier ones. Also I sing on my own productions and even though I’m not a soloist, the whole idea gets much more interesting with vocals.

Describe the scene in Lithuania, where you’re from.

The scene here is amazing. It’s rising with immense speed and already proves to be one of the best in Central Europe. We’ve got very young talents and know what we have to do to become seen in a wider scale, just you wait.

Favourite things to do a Sunday night?

When home, it’s usually some insomniac shit, writing the best lyrics, making the weirdest music, chatting till the morning, playing hoop.

What keeps you going?

What keeps me going is the knowing that I am not good enough for myself, and that I constantly have ideas that I want to pursue, often abandoning current ones, but all for the better of it, for finding the right sound.

New things we can look forward to from Fingalick station?

I’ve got a few very different EPs coming out sometime in Autumn hopefully, some sick remixes for hot vocalists and who knows maybe I’ll finally start a Shitcore project.