session #061 – Carlos Nilmmns

1. Kenny Dixon Jnr – Lyk U Used 2 – Mahogani Music
2. Ciara – Love, Sex and Magic (Paul Johnson Remix) – White Label
3. Gene Farris – The Big Doobie – Fluential
4. Underground Resistance – Hardlife (Aaron Carl Remix) – Underground Resistance
5. Frankey, Sandrino – We are all dust – Moodmusic
6. Deepsoulboy Project – Les Belles Paroles (Carlos Master) – White Label
7. Michael Zucker – Foundation Pt 1 – Finale Sessions
8. Paul Mac – Its not a game (Jorge Zamacona Remix) – Unknown Label
9. Art Of Tones – The Same Thing – Local Talk
10. Freelance Science – Aye Karrumba – Freelance Science
11. Unknown
12. Kaspar – Freedom Dance (Edit) – 4lux black
13. Carlos Nilmmns – I thought I had you – Skylax classics


From new material by Moodymann to his own ‘I Thought I had You’ from his soon-to-be-released 5th album ‘B.L.U.E’ on Skylax Records (Feb 2014), Scotsman Carlos treats us to a friends-and-favourites set. A musical and upbeat drive offering a peek into the soul of this man of many hats and talents.

How, when and where was this mix recorded?

Greetings! This mix was recorded on a friend’s set of CDJS,A Xone 22 mixer and my rotary isolators in France.

How do you feel about each of your albums? Favourite of the lot?

Ah they are all very different! Lune Eclaire was produced the hard way using sequencers and synths for full on house and techno LP. I remember feeding all my recordings into an old Akai S900 which was time consuming. I bought a few vintage synths for that album too. Both Subculture and Cupid on Psyche on Ornaments show more of my classical side and I feel I made progress from the last one. C’est Bon is my album with Underground Resistance musician Niko Marks (Planet-e) All I can say is we just had fun creating some sonic jazzy blue note style music. I always wanted to explore soundtracks again after Subculture album, but more funky and soulful. Niko is one of the best musicians I have ever worked with.

Something about you not many people know?

I have a twin sister!

Hardware or software?

Both, why limit yourself? It’s important to know that the most powerful thing in a producer’s arsenal is his mind and imagination. Analog gear has become hype too, but I feel not everyone knows how to use it properly some of it actually sounds terrible.

Solo or collaborations?

I prefer now to collaborate with Niko and some of my heroes. I am collaborating with my Solab production partner Graham and my bro Ian Elgey.

What is your general approach to music and life?

Music is my life. The feeling in my music reflects my environment and who I am. I met my wife through music so I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Best thing to happen to you in 2013?

Lifewise, I moved to France to permanently to live with my wife. She’s French and it was one of the biggest steps in my life. I love it here. Music wise It’s a tie between working on a project with Niko and soul artist Davina Bussey (Underground Resistance) and Chez Damier asking me to release music on his label Balance Chicago with the good man himself on the remix!

What’s next for you in 2014?

I am planning on unleashing more records and maybe returning to Berlin and beyond for a few gigs.


Carlos Nilmmns – Blue (album) – Skylax Classics
Carlos Nilmmns – Origins (inc Chez Damier Remixes) – Balance Chicago
Niko Marks – Album (co-produced few tracks) – TBC
Davina, Niko Marks, Carlos Nilmmns – Get by Me – TBC
Carlos Nilmmns – Album part 3 TBA – Ornaments Berlin
Carlos Nilmmns – Best of Album – Ornaments Berlin

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