session #063 – Rainer Trüby

1.S3A – Classy MF
2.Chroma Keys – Tonight
3.Dego & Kaidi – Don´t Remain The Same
4.Jazzanova – Now There Is We (Kuniyuki Remix)
5.Egyptian Nipples – L.A. Melody (Session Victim Remix)
6.Glenn Astro – Acid Tears
7.Moonstarr – Starlight
8.Vax 1 – Oh Lord
9.DJ Schwa & Cameron Cooper – Analog Love
10.Soul Phiction – MInd & Body
11.Corrado Bucci – Open Your Eyes
12.Deejay Kul – Feeling Good (Deejay Kul meets Soultechnic deepa Mix)

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Rainer Trüby (Trüby Trio) sends us a Spring is in the air mix and it’s instant love. Bursting with brightness, sunshine, quick cuts and good vibes, this mix from the electronic jazz veteran is a call back to greatness as true as Trüby does.

When and where, how was this mix recorded?

It was actually recorded during my easter skiing holidays in switzerland…some recent tunes came to mind and it was done with a computer…;)

How will you describe it to us?

Upfront & soulful to the max!

The best part of doing what you do?

Travelling, meeting good people, being introduced to local food & sometimes local wines and being able to introduce my definition of “good music” to open-minded people all over the world….

And the least favourite?

A big impersonal rave and you don´t know anyone…but at least you may become friends with the “light jockey” and they are generally nice people!

In your A&R function at Compost, how do you single out the wheat from the chaff?

Well, just via a proper listen…if it sounds inspired to my ears and if I think it fits to the current Compost vibe I will happily forward it to Michael Reinboth & Thomas Herb, who are the final peeps to make a decision at the label headquarters in Munich. If they dig it, a release is most likely to happen! it happened quite a few times…

An underrated track you wish more people played out?

Hmm,there are plenty of those, risks to be taken are always welcome, simply because if you have the public on your side they would appreciate so much more of an effort! 2 tunes came to mind, Ingram´s “Mi Sabrina Tequana” or Martin Patino´s “Hommage A la Sodomie” for those who want to keep it within the house bpm´s….

At what point would you say you are in your career now?

Peak level, considering my veteran status….;)

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

Playing out & meeting nice people all over…