session #065 – Mop Mop

DJ Nigga Fox – So Nos 2
Okay Temiz – Zikir
Burnt Friedman Meets Zinja Hlungwani
Wali And The Afro Caravan – Arcane Message
Dave Brubeck – Calcutta Blues
Mop Mop Ft. Anthony Joseph – Let I Go (Clap! Clap! Remix)
DJ Nature – Love Ride
Elmore Judd – Bass Bully
Paul St. Hilaire – Nah Ina It
Mop Mop Ft. Sara Sayed – Loa Chant (Phil Gerus Remix)

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Spanning across a vast array of musical influences lying somewhere between the worlds of jazz, funk and ethnic fusions, virtuoso Andrea Benini AKA Mop Mop takes us on a spiritual journey full of rhythms and flavours. He has a new album in the making, and a remix album that came out recently on Agogo Records. To celebrate the World Music Day, Mop Mop is gracing us with a free limited give-away of his ‘Sun Ra’ rework. This masterpiece already caught the attention of music heavyweights like Gilles Peterson.

Preview and Grab your copy below (Limited time download) :

How was this mix recorded, when and where?

I’ve recorded the mix here in my studio in Berlin last week. Some digital tracks and some tracks from vinyl too. Recorded and mastered on Pro Tools then.

How will you describe it to us?

Well it’s a mix of psychedelic jazz, afro, tropical sounds and bass music i would say. I really love all kind of *good* music. No boundaries.

Which is your favourite jazz album to date and why?

Too many, guys. Too many! But if i have to pick just one could be “Dorothy Ashby ‎– The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby” on Cadet Records, 1970. Dorothy was an American jazz harpist and composer. Along with Alice Coltrane, Ashby extended the popularization of jazz harp. I dig her music so much. Tracks like “The Moving Finger” are just masterpiece!

How has old music influenced your development as a musician?

I came across into the jazz and afro-american music when I was 15. I’ve studied musicology in Bologna when I was 19 so i’ve always been attracted by “traditional” music. I’ve discovered later the electronic and clubby side of the music. As i told you before there are no boundaries for me. I can play a deep Techno record and a piano solo album from Bill Evans right after.

When did you and the rest of the band come together?

The project Mop Mop is born around 2002 when i was living and studying in Bologna. We were a bunch of young musicians coming from different parts of Italy but living in Bologna for different reasons. We were used to play Jazz music everyday and everywhere from the street to real theatre. It was a very funny period of my life. Later i decided to start a real project with my friends with the aim to record an album. It was 2004. We released Mop Mop first album ‘The 11th Pill’ in 2005. This album is still quite important for us not only because became quite popular in the Japanese underground Jazz scene but also because the director Woody Allen chose the song ‘Three Times Bossa’ for his movie ‘To Rome With Love’ from this album.

Tell us more about the new studio in Berlin?

Well I do my pre and post productions in my home-studio in Berlin. I really love analog gear. I am using the computer too but it’s more easy for me to switch on the the 70’s Space Echo i have rather than load a virtual plug into the session! We always record the band in different studios then. We always have so many instruments to record, from vibraphone to marimba, piano, dbass and so on.

What are you planning next after the sublime Isle Of Magic?

Thank you for the “Sublime” album but yes i have to say that “Isle Of Magic” has been a really successful record. We are on the 4th repress now i guess. Anyway i’ve just finished the pre-production of the new album. It will be a very crazy one! We will record with the band in August. In Italy this time. Moreover i am working on new productions too as well as working on a couple of remixes.

A record you’ve been looking for a while and one that doesn’t leave your record bag?

I would like to buy a copy of “Lou Donaldson ‎– Lou Takes Off”, Blue Note 1951, but its around 400 bucks at the moment. “DJ Nature ‎– Foggy Monday Morning” 12″ on Golf Channel Recordings is always on my dj bag. “Feeling Like A Woman” is a sublime track!